Supplies Department

The supplies department was established concurrently with the Academy's establishment since it equipped the Academy and its labs with all the essential educational equipment and tools of all kinds (furniture, stationery, equipment, communications equipment and computers, etc.), in addition to helping students with their needs of materials and graduation supplies.

The Supplies Department undertakes the following tasks:

  1. Receive all the materials that come to the Academy such as: devices, equipment, furniture, stationery, and building materials of all kinds, distributed from the central warehouse management.
  2. Distributing needed supplies to the Academy's departments, and divisions according to the instructions.
  3. Determining the annual academic needs of all kinds of supplies in cooperation and coordination with Academy's departments, and divisions
  4. Supervising the separation and arrangement of supplies in Academy's warehouses according to its type to ensure their preservation and ease of disbursement when needed.
  5. Follow up on hardware and equipment malfunctions of the Academy departments.
  6. Follow-up of internal and external supplies orders at the Academy according to the form approved by us.
  7. Ensure that public safety affairs are implemented within the Academy's warehouses