Department of Media and Public Relations


Excellence in the field of media, marketing, and public relations.


Highlighting the Academy's role in disseminating civil protection culture in the local and regional communities, optimally to reflect a positive image and good reputation about the Academy.

The objectives emanating from the strategic plan of the Academy:

  1. Introducing the Academy by disseminating the culture of civil protection and explaining the role of the offered majors in protecting life and property.
  2. Local marketing through advertisements in all ways by using the Jordanian television and satellite stationsIn order to attract students from the local marketand increase enrollment students in the offered majors (firefighting engineering and safety / mechanical engineering _ renewable energy/paramedic/ disaster management).
  3. International marketing through all advertising means, participation in international conferences and workshops, in addition to the bureau in the embassies of our beloved Arab countries.

Overview of the Department of Media and Public Relations:

The Department of Media and Public Relations highlights the Academy's role in spreading the culture of civil protection in the local and regional communities, optimally to reflect a positive image and good reputation about the Academy.the Department of Media and Public Relations has a significant role in the Academy's journey since it established to be a mirror that reflects the Academy's image, vision, mission, and goals. Moreover, the department plays a vivid role in promoting the Academy's goals in serving and supporting the local community, Organizing the relationship with universities, scientific, cultural and educational institutions and various media, making all necessary arrangements for activities and visits, and carrying out various publications related to the Academy.

Organizational structure:

  • Media Division:

    The Media Division organizes issued data and statements to be published on the Academy's website, photographing all Academy activities, and preparing and issuing the pioneering Magazine, the Yearbook and Academic leaflets.

  • Advertising Division:

    The division publishes advertisements and coordinates with the media and follows up on Advertising within the Academy through the website and display screens.

  • Public Relations Officer:

    Introducing the activities and events of the Academy and receiving feedback from the public to work through it to develop public relations, meet the needs of e public, and create a positive mental image for the Academy (communication - sending - receiving - knowledge)

  • Public Service Office:

    The office receives visitors, records their data on the visitors' computerized system, giving brochures,and guides visitors to the required department to complete transactions and procedures with ease in addition to receive questions and respond to them.