Center of the students services

Center of the students services

This department provides the students with different services to help them to cope in the university’s life, monitoring their studying and educational attainment and it seeks to deliver the best amenities to the students and meet their needs in a quick manner. The center of the students’ services also provides all the required services to lessen the burden on the student and taking care of the students’ affairs to enable them to finish their studying with the shortest possible time. In the light of the continuous increasing of the number of students and the development of the information technology; this department seeks to computerize all the processes and working systems to achieve a quantum leap in the performance in terms of using the computer to save the documents and the achievements of the students to follow-up their performances throughout their studying and conduct all the required research for the applications of debts, support and the recruitment that the students apply for. Moreover, the Center of the students’ services carries out different statistics and disclosures and releases the university’s IDs on a computerized system. It also aims to provide loans and scholarships for the students in need and the high-achieving ones, in addition to make files for the performance of the students once they are accepted in the university. Lastly, this department supervises the mail boxes and the lost property of the students and it solves some of the students’ problems.


This department seeks to provide the students with important services and establish a good atmosphere for them, it includes:

  1. The office of the students’ services

    It provides the students with the needed support by guiding the students and informing them with the university’s services and releasing the university’s IDs. It also prepares the posters of the student’s guide and release the document of the good conduct and behavior.

  2. The office of scholarships and loans (Student’s fund)

    Provide the financial support for the students who are in need by offering them loans, financial assistance every semester and urgent support through Ministry of High Education and scientific research.

  3. The office of health care

    This office provides the students with health care, such as; release the health insurance, held conferences and lectures to aware the students about their health. It also works on the process of post pone the tuition and considering the tuition for the next semester in case the student has an indisposed that proves to the committee that he cannot complete the current semester.

  4. The office of the students’ cases

    It works on informing the students with their rights and duties and follow-up their academic performance and any problems and quarrels that might happen between the students and try to solve them. The office of the students’ cases does so by a specialized committee that its main duty is to reduce the contravention of instructions and inform the students about the instructions of the disciplinary boards and making sure to execute them.

The duties of the center

  • Releasing the University IDs for the freshmen as well as releasing IDs for those who have lost their IDs.
  • Offering mail boxes services in co-ordination with the financial center and the university’s mail. In addition to receiving letters and packages and the ones that the university faces obstacles in delivering them.
  • Preparing and receiving social scholarships applications that the university apply for for its students who are in need and following-up the process with the committee by inquiring about the material status of the students who apply for the scholarships and participate in the field visits that the committee does for these students.
  • •Helping the manager of the department of the students’ affairs in investigating in the students’ cases and problems that occur in the university campus by inviting the committee of investigation and the disciplinary boards to discuss the cases and prepare the observer of the investigation and consider the penalties on those who disobey the instructions.
  • Preparing the student’s guide that is released yearly by the deanship of the students’ affairs at Al-Balqa Applied University to guide the freshmen and informing them with university instruction.
  • Monitoring and vetting everything that is related to the year book for the graduated students, such as; updating its information about the academic departments and its different centers as well as receiving the senior’s photos to include them in the year book.