Department of Basic Sciences

The Department of Basic Sciences is one of the educational departments at the Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II Academy for Civil Protection. The Department works to manage the University's requirements file (compulsory and optional). The Department also seeks to achieve the vision of the Academy to be an active element in the construction of the homeland.

In turn, the department seeks to provide the student with a solid scientific base with a broad knowledge consent and to acquire the basic skills needed to understand, research, intellectual and moral growth, maturity of personality, develop their knowledge of Arabic and English language skills, undertake contemporary cultures and issues, and strive to communicate with others so that he has the ability to communicate with the local community.

The department aims to build a model that balances scientific specialization with life skills, prepare and qualify a diverse graduate with a broad knowledge culture and upgrade students to be able to steadily proceed in their specialized academic study to successfully complete their course of study, in anticipation of their graduation qualified with science and knowledge.

The Department also oversees a range of laboratories with the latest educational devices and means through which the student acquires a range of practical skills in multiple fields that enable him to keep abreast of the accelerated technological development and the information revolution and the ability to adapt to them in the most efficient manner.

The Department is also keen to update and develop its study plans in a way that contributes to the graduation of qualified students with a distinct scientific and practical reputation at the local and Arab levels.

Section Duties

  • Supervising the implementation of the study plans of subjects of the department (compulsory and optional university requirements)
  • Develop the department's annual budget and follow up its implementation in terms of determining the need of the department of teaching staff, laboratory supervisors, books, references, devices and educational means
  • Development and modernization of the department's laboratories
  • Follow-up of teaching staff and laboratory supervisors
  • Monitoring students' attendance
  • Study the needs of faculty members in the department in order to raise their academic and professional level
  • Conducting scientific courses for students with the aim of providing students with high experience in the field of work