Sports Activity Department


The Department of Sports Activity contributes to taking care of the student, refining his/her personality in various physical and mental aspects, and developing athletic talents by providing students with the opportunity to practice various sports activities under the supervision of specialized trainers, Additionally, it contributes to relieving psychological stress and agitation, and raising the levels of physical competence of students. In addition to inculcating and consolidating the correct concepts of physical education and sports activity. The department also works to sponsor distinguishing students in sports and form sports teams to participate in various sports tournaments.

Tasks and duties

  1. Offering free training courses for students in different types of sports.
  2. Establishing general sports training plans for university students and supervising their implementation and making room for the largest possible number of students to participate in the sports training program.
  3. Organizing sports meetings with official and popular institutions.
  4. Held sports meetings and supervising the organization of sports tournaments at the Academy.
  5. Participation in the Jordanian Universities Sports Federation Championships.
  6. Reviving national occasions through holding sports tournaments.
  7. Formation of sports teams for various games.
  8. Preparing university teams for both genders in the appropriate way to participate in the Jordanian Universities Sports Federation championships and local participation.
  9. Follow-up plans for the level tests for sports teams at the university and work to develop them.
  10. Providing reservations of the hall and stadiums for students, clubs, and national institutions.
  11. Offering first aid for sports teams during sports matches and tournaments.