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Privacy regulations related to the website of the Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II Academy for Civil Protection:

The privacy and trust of individuals who visit the website of the Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II Academy for Civil Protection are important to us.

As it is not possible to obtain personal information from this site unless it is formally provided by any individual during his participation in any activity and who requests the provision of such information.

Our website obtains personal information that is necessary to provide the information or services that are requested by the person as “personal information” means any information related to a known or identifiable person who is the subject of the information, and it is considered the same information. That an individual can submit when visiting e-government offices, as well as filling in paragraphs such as the person's name, address, and phone number.

We also obtain statistical information to help us understand how people use our website so that we can continue to work to improve and develop our services.

The information obtained will not have any connection with any particular person, and there will be no attempt to view the file of people by those who browse the website, and it is possible that you will be asked to participate in the examination of this site, and this participation process or not is an optional matter. It will not have any effect on your ability to take advantage of the other website features.

Records required to support government functions are kept and easy to access and are managed through archived records or packing systems according to the records created and approved by the Jordanian government.

These records that are transferred to this website will be identified, managed, protected and preserved as long as they are needed to comply with the historical, administrative, moral, or legal requirements (cookies) in order to save any address of a web page you visit (through a series of browsers or Microsoft Internet Explorer). You just have to press the keys of any web page or application on this site that uses cookies, which are short and simple text files that are saved on the hard drive of the user's computer by websites.

The cookies used help us to continue, track and save information, so the user will not need to provide that information many times, as that information obtained through cookies on this site is dealt with in the same way as other information obtained here.

You can match your browser to refuse cookies or notify you when the website attempts to send you cookies. You can also scan the hard drive for the cookie files and delete them from your computer.

Links to other websites This website contains links to other websites. This includes links to websites operated by other government agencies and institutions.

The Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II Academy for Civil Protection is not responsible for the privacy content or practices of these sites and suggests that you review their privacy statements.

The Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II Academy for Civil Protection website welcomes comments regarding the privacy of this statement.

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Defining the responsibilities : Compliance with the laws applicable in the Kingdom and under any circumstances including negligence will not be