Human Resources Department

Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department deals with the task of contributing to achieving the goals, vision, and mission of the Academy by attracting and providing the necessary human resources to carry out the tasks in a high and continuous efficiency with the lowest possible cost and effort.

The Human Resources Department includes three divisions:

  1. Employee Affairs Division:

    It implements and follows up on the laws, regulations and instructions related to employees' issues concerning Staff salaries, bonuses, upgrading, vacations, rewards, transferal procedures, employment, performance evaluation, training, termination of service and other matters related to services career record.

    Additionally, it coordinates with the different departments and agencies concerning data related to employees’ affairs and provides the department with data and information that ensure effective work progression.

  2. Courses Division:

    It determines the training needs of the Academy's employees and preparing the annual training plan based on the training needs and in coordination with the vice deans and heads departments according to best practices; also, its follow up the implementation of the training plans in coordination with the Training Department.

  3. Delegation Division

    It follows up the delegates' issues in coordination with the academic departments and prepares the required statistics about the delegates such as the delegates' numbers,university's name, and the name of the country.