Department of Engineering Sciences

This department at the Academy contains two engineering majors for a bachelor’s degree under the umbrella of the Mechanical Engineering Department at Al-Balqa Applied University, which are: Fire and Safety Engineering and Renewable Energy Engineering. In 2022, the specialization of renewable energy technology was created for the diploma degree as an integrated practical and applied engineering specialization, and all of these disciplines have been accredited public and private.

The department has witnessed a great and steady growth in the number of students and faculty members, as the number of students in the engineering departments has recently reached more than 600 students. The number of faculty members jumped from 5 at the time of establishment to 20 members with academic and scientific experiences and from various academic ranks in various engineering disciplines. They were carefully recruited to teach students and supervise all their academic and scientific activities.

This huge growth in the number of students and faculty members has been accompanied by a remarkable growth in the college’s laboratories, buildings and facilities. Work is underway to develop the engineering workshops building with a large area, which oversees all fire and energy projects in the academy.

The Academy seeks to provide modern and high-quality educational programs, and to provide students with the skills necessary to succeed in the labor market and higher education. Therefore, new plans were developed for all engineering programs at the beginning of the academic year 2020/2021 in line with accreditation standards and in a manner that ensures global recognition of educational outputs and academic degrees awarded by the Academy. Through these plans, the department works to provide programs that focus on the application of basic principles in engineering, technology, mathematics, science and computer in the interest of society and to provide study materials, including graduation projects, that develop students’ capabilities in the areas of safety, design, teamwork and energy technology appropriate to their fields of specialization. Providing equal educational opportunities for students, taking into account the disparities and differences in abilities and cultural and social backgrounds, and enabling them to achieve their aspirations for progress and success. The achievement of these endeavors can be ensured by integrating the concept of total quality, evaluation and continuous improvement in the various activities of the department.

Academic programs in the Department of Engineering Sciences:

Mechanical Engineering / Fire and Safety: A bachelor's degree is awarded in this specialization. This specialization is considered one of the new specialties in the region, and it is one of the engineering branches that specialize in the protection of facilities and the preservation of lives from all dangers, especially those caused by fires.

Mechanical Engineering / Renewable Energy: A bachelor's degree is awarded in this specialization. This major is considered one of the important disciplines due to the growing need for renewable energy as an urgent economic necessity. This major combines mechanical engineering with renewable energy, enabling students to work in all different fields of industry.

Renewable Energy Technology: A diploma is awarded in the field of renewable energy technology. This specialization was developed in line with the training needs in the local and international labor markets in the field of renewable energy and methods of design, installation, distribution and protection of energy systems.