The Academy in brief

It is a University College affiliated to Al-Balqa Applied University and it's considered a distinguished scholarly edifice specializing in the fields of civil defense and civil protection sciences, and it is the first of its kind in the Middle East, North and East Africa.

The Academy grants a Bachelor's degree in Fire and Safety Engineering, Mechanical Engineering / Renewable Energy, Paramedic, and Disaster Management Specialization. It was officially opened on 7/1/2009 under the royal patronage

The purpose of its establishment was to create a regional center specializing in civil protection sciences, to be a reference for those with specialists and those interested in the fields of civil protection, as well as the absence of such specializations in the region due to its importance in the local and regional labor market, as well as its importance in the field of security and civil protection to preserve the national economy

The Academy website won the (Pan Arab) award for the best strategic educational portal. The Academy also won first place in the category of participants for the first time, the bronze phase, in the sixth session of the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in Governmental Performance and Transparency.