King Abdullah II Fund Office for Rehabilitation and Career Guidance


In response to the royal high directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II, may God bless him and his sponsors by establishing offices for professional guidance in universities, the Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah II Academy of Civil Protection has established an office of the King Abdullah II Development Fund to handle the process of functional rehabilitation and provide technical training and advice to graduate students to work on their rehabilitation by providing them with life skills and personal qualifications to achieve development goals and encourage creativity and excellence to achieve optimal investment of the potential of the nation, increasing their employment opportunities and paving a successful career path for them.


Our young people should be armed with the skills to succeed in the labor market and be able to innovate and be active citizens in their communities,


Work on training and qualifying university students by giving them professional skills and personal qualifications to achieve development goals and encourage creativity and excellence through cooperation with private and public civil society institutions to reach the optimal investment of the potential of the nation's citizens, which increases their employment opportunities and paves them a successful career path.


  1. Provide a database on labour market needs for human resources
  2. Adapting communication skills to students with the real needs of the labor market locally, regionally and globally, as a prerequisite for achieving harmony between the outcomes of the educational system and the inputs of the labor market in general.
  3. Establishing business values, behaviors and functionality
  4. Helping students secure permanent or temporary employment opportunities during their university education
  5. Opening channels of communication between the student community in universities and private sector events
  6. Working as a communication station between the King Abdullah II Fund for Development and students in universities by placing them in the form of pilot programs and projects implemented by the Fund

Tasks and Assignments

  1. Career guidance in all its forms to guide and guide students through the different stages of study, to choose the appropriate specialization and occupation suitable for the student based on his mental and physical abilities and educational and functional tendencies
  2. Training and providing students with skills, knowledge, abilities and attitudes, and trying to make a positive change in their skills and abilities on the one hand and in their behavior and attitudes on the other. The training aims to develop the skills and abilities of students during the stages of study, so that they fit the requirements of the local and external labor market and help them to find jobs, by providing specialized training courses and workshops, volunteer opportunities and awareness lectures.
  3. Open channels of communication and build strategic and lasting relationships with related partners, from public and private sector institutions, donor institutions, civil society organizations, trade unions, business associations, graduates and employment companies, and maintain, strengthen and develop these relationships to achieve the strategic objectives of the Office.
  4. Training during employment to create employment opportunities for graduates through cooperation with government institutions, civil society organizations, funders and donors for such projects
  5. Support volunteering opportunities with student institutions and civil society organizations to develop students' life skillsSupport volunteering opportunities with student institutions and civil society organizations to develop students' life skills
  6. Supporting part-time employment opportunities to develop the student's life skills and obtaining a student's income to cover the costs of life
  7. Coordinating the job day to provide students and job seekers with the opportunity to communicate with employers and find out the job opportunities available to them, where a number of local and foreign companies participate in these exhibitions in different economic sectors, employment companies and human resources.
  8. Communication and coordination with public and private sector institutions in obtaining and advertising employment opportunities in the market within the university to help students get jobs
  9. Build a graduate database.
  10. Follow-up on the affairs of graduates in their workplaces and with recruiters.
  11. Preparing different studies on graduates and the labor market.
  12. Organizing alumni meetings (alumni conference, alumni forums).
  13. Get graduate success stories.

Office Divisions:

  1. Career Guidance Office:

    Services provided by the Employment Guidance Office :
    • Career guidance: individual, collective and electronic career guidance
    • Training: Through courses held by the Office of Career Guidance and Graduate Follow-up
    • Activities and networking: through the establishment of the job day, the creation of partial and total job opportunities in addition to practical training for the purpose of employment
  2. Graduate Follow-up Office :

    It is based on providing a database about graduate students and follow-up and providing suitable job opportunities for them in cooperation with various relevant entities in the public and private sectors, as well as preparing the necessary studies and statistics on employment opportunities and the employment ratios of graduates and the needs of the labor market to come up with recommendations that contribute to the development of academic programs to adapt between the outcomes of education and the needs and expectations of the labor market and follow up the employment status of graduates and publish the success stories of graduate students.