Royal Education Letter

His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn AlHussein

In the name of Allah the Merciful

And may peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Knowledge, Prophet Muhammad.

A greeting of love and pride that culminates in our constant communication with our sons and daughters, our brothers and sisters on in schools the thresholds of knowledge, and with members of the educational family in all schools, institutes, colleges and universities of beloved Jordan.

We greet you students and teachers with the glory of this new school year, and we are all confident and hopeful that it will be a new step forward in the process of developing and modernizing our educational sector and upgrading it to the highest level.

In our turn, we are still committed to the nation to give the educational sector our deepest attention and our top priorities, because it'stheminds factory, the incubator of talent, and the laboratory of creativity.

Our vision for education and its future in Jordan is based on the firm belief that it is one of the country inherent responsibilities in terms of the quality of its fairness of opportunities. Justice does not stop at the level of providing opportunities only, but goes beyond it to achieve fairnesslevel of these opportunities, so that our sons and daughters receive converging levels of education that allow them to compete fairly on the basis of merit and true competence, and to go into professional life with confidence, success and distinction.

This motivates us to work hard to provide a healthy educational environment that matches the level of keenness of Jordanian men and women to learn and advance, in which the technical needs and the necessary scientific equipment are available for each educational facility to ensure a more interactive public education and stimulate creativity and innovation.

Our ambition is to focus on doubling the efforts and Speed up the procedures so that the Kingdom's schools become model in the field of the number of students, the competence of teachers, the level of facilities and services, and transforming the Jordanian universities, colleges and institutes into educational platforms, and permanent studentmobility.

We will also work to provide an encouraging and upscale level of vocational and professional education that increases job opportunities, and guarantees them the community respect and academic horizon, and we will double our efforts to universalize pre-school education to spread kindergartens across the country.

My beloved sons and daughters With a renewed greeting to you at the beginning of this academic year, I look forward to meet you very soon in one of your schools, universities or institutes. I recommend you to love your country, your schools and be proud of your Arab and Islamic culture, be proud of your present, and be certain that your tomorrow will be better, because I believe in the sincerity of your Seriousness and the persistence of your diligence.

We see the future more glory in your eyes, andwe create a better tomorrow with your arms. You are the key to success, and the constant motivation to give. Your aspirations are the Jordan's future, and your dreams are the next coming glory, you are our trustee for the future and the nation's trust , Which we promised Allah Al-Bari in caring it.

May God grant you success

Peace be upon you

Your brother

Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein