Regional Center for Civil Protection


On 4/3/2010, a memorandums of understanding, was conducted between the government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the International Organization for Civil Protection and Civil Defense to establish and manage a regional center for civil protection.This memorandums of understanding was Included the establishment of a regional center for civil protection affiliated with the Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II Academy for Civil Protection, and Specify the objectives and tasksfor the center.


  1. Encouraging research and studies and publishing them among the OIC countries.
  2. Organizing and holding conferences, meetings, discussion sessions and exchange visits in all activities.
  3. Act as a center and data bank for civil protection.
  4. Exchange and preservation of technical information and expertise among the countries of the region.
  5. Encouraging the dissemination of information by any means of publication.
  6. Preparing documents, including translation of important publications related to civil defense and civil protection.
  7. Deepening the preventive awareness of citizens through media channels to reduce human losses.