The Vice Dean of Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II Academy for Administrative and Military Affairs

Colonel, Natheer Mohmmaed Meqdadi.

Colonel, Natheer Mohmmaed Meqdadi.


The Academy of Prince AL-Hussein Bin Abdullah II for Civil Protection is considered a distinguished scientific edifice specializing in the fields of civil protection.The Academy has prepared a trusted educational environment that always seeks to keep pace with the technological development which serves the educational process and enable all the available capabilities to serve educational projects.

It's has given special importance to scientific and practical specialties that are matched with the needs of the local and regional community.

The Academy provides all administrative services to students and fulfills all the needs by coordinating the educational and administrative departments and holding many extracurricular activities aimed to refining the student’s personality and community service.

And I pray that we may achieve our goals, aspirations and achieving further progress under the presence of His Hashemite Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein, may God protect him.