Diploma in Solar Energy Technology

The Diploma Program in Solar Energy Technology is a technical program that aims to graduate technical experts in the renewable energy sector. The program consists of 72 credit hours designed to introduce students to the concepts needed to work in the field of renewable energy systems with a special focus on solar energy technology. In addition to the basic sciences and related engineering courses, the program includes 3 credit hours of practical training, 140 hours of training per week. The internship aims to give the student an additional advantage in the solar energy job market. The academy also has state-of-the-art solar laboratories that help evaluate the performance of solar systems (heating, power generation, etc.) under different operating conditions. The students will also learn how to use AutoCAD software in the installation and design of solar energy systems.

Al-Balqa Applied University awards a Diploma in Solar Energy Technology after the student has successfully passed the study plan that covers several topics in this engineering field, including:

  • Introduction to solar energy
  • Energy transformation and alternative energy sources
  • Energy-related Building codes
  • Energy-saving technologies in buildings
  • Solar thermal energy
  • Photovoltaic energy

Work Fields

The program prepares students to enter the solar energy job market such as:

Installation of solar energy systems, maintenance of solar energy systems, evaluation of solar energy sites, field of sales, operations, etc.