Arab and foreign student's office


The office is the first destination for the international students in all issues they face, and advice and guidance they need. The office is responsible for helping International students to overcome difficulties and increasing the interaction between students of different nationalities.

The mission of the 'International Students Office' at the university, is to attract foreign and Arab students to study at the university. It also helps students with security services such as granting visas and residents in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. In addition, the office assists in finding proper residence, organizing trips to introduce students to Jordan tourist areas, and answering legal, social, athletic, and cultural enquiries.

Moreover, the Office and the student’s affairs section actively participate in the students' celebrations of their country’s national days. In order to communicate with the students; listen to their notes and suggestions; facilitate communication between the students and their families, a meeting will be arranged with the dean of the academy and their countries cultural mission. This office also works to strengthen the bonds of love and brotherhood between Jordanian students and their fellow international students by participation in cultural activities related to the customs and traditions of their countries and visiting foreign embassies to discuss the affairs and conditions of these students.

The Vision

A distinguished office that enhances the role of the international student in the university and in the Jordanian society. This is to help the student adapt and integrate into the student community, and to enable the student to deal with the challenges he/she may face in life positively.

The Mission

Providing efficient services and attractive environment for international students by facilitating difficulties and making them feel the hospitality of Jordan. Furthermore, simplifying the student’s admission process, assisting them in the cultural and educational transformation, and facilitating all obstacles that may face them during their study and find appropriate solutions. The aim is to turn them into active individuals in the university, and to enhance their role in their countries after graduation.

The Objectives

International Students Office aims to facilitate the transactions of international students, by providing its services on time and in high quality. The tasks of the office are summarized as follows:

  • Helping students to achieve their academic goals and progress in their educational process.
  • Serving as a link between the students and different university units and faculties to solve the issues that may face them during their studies.
  • Providing some services to international students outside the university campus, such as accommodation, cultural, social, and legal services that improve the student’s social experience and expertise.
  • The office aims to cultivate students as active persons in their university during their studies and after graduation.