Admission and Registration Department was founded with the establishment of the Academy in 2009 and it is considered one of the most importantcommunication channels between the departments and the Academy divisions. The Admission and Registration Department is concerned in providing unique and developed services with the help of highly qualified and experienced staff, developed systems, accurate and flexible procedures. Achieving the highest levels of quality gains customers satisfaction

The tasks and duties of the Admission and Registration Department:

  • Apply the procedures for admitting students to the Academy and check the information received about them in light of the documents requested from them.
  • Open and organize records for accepted students to save all documents.
  • Organize and apply the registration process for academic courses and the add-on and drop-off process for each semester.
  • Organize and prepare study schedules and final exam programs in coordination with the departments and control the distribution of classrooms.
  • Receive final exam results, check and monitor them automatically and manually.
  • Announce the results of the exams, calculate the semester and cumulative averages, provide the concerned authorities with them, and prepare lists of the best students on the academy's honor list and departments.
  • Prepare all required statistics data.
  • Follow up and apply study plans for all PHA majors .
  • Follow up and apply the regulations and instructions for granting a bachelor’s degree.
  • Prepare lists of graduates, outstanding, transferred students and others.
  • Provide students with any documents they need, such as transcripts, certificates and others.
  • Prepare for the graduation ceremony in coordination with the concerned departments.
  • Coordination with The Office of Compulsory Military Service to put off male students recruitment.
  • Follow-up and apply study plans for all offered specializations.

The organizational structure of the Admission and Registration Department:

  • Director of the Admission and Registration Department
  • The Admission and Registration Department includes the following divisions:
    1. Registration Division.
    2. Division of Control and Operations.
    3. Computer Technical Division.
    4. Documentation Division.